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Possible iPad 3 glitch: Hi-res apps might strike 3G download limits

A 20MB record distance extent imposed by Apple for 3G downloads could spell difficulty for apps designed to feat the
tablet‘s higher-resolution screen.

Will a Retina Display iPad emanate difficulty for certain apps?

Will a Retina Display iPad emanate difficulty for certain apps?


The high-resolution “retina display” approaching on a next
iPad should make users happy–but might benefaction hurdles for developers.

As minute currently by The Next Web, a aloft fortitude arrangement will increase a pixel count and distance of graphics used in iPad apps designed for a new screen.

With some apps doubling in size, developers might strike into an Apple-imposed reduction that prevents a download of apps incomparable than 20 megabytes over 3G. Downloading over a Wi-Fi tie would still be an option, though users who need an app with no Wi-Fi accessible would be out of luck.

The limitation would poise some-more of a problem for apps that embody both
iPhone and iPad versions, given iPhone users are some-more expected to download an app on a go. Apps with a dedicated iPhone chronicle apparently wouldn’t be affected. And apps geared usually for a iPad would be safe, during slightest among inscription users who have usually Wi-Fi.

Sales could go down for many app developers if all iPad users were limited to downloading their programs around Wi-Fi, TNW noted.

If a high-resolution iPad does entrance subsequent week, Apple has a choice to strike adult a 3G download limit.

But information cited by TNW remarkable that a extent would need to be upped by around 273 percent, putting it tighten to 60 MB.

A 2,048-by-1,536-pixel Retina Display has prolonged been a rumored underline for a subsequent iPad. And a tablet’s intensity name might be a serve clue. Part listings leaked by box makers suggested that a subsequent iPad could indeed be dubbed a iPad HD, according to Gizmodo.

Apple did not immediately respond to CNET’s ask for comment. But we should know some-more during Apple’s press eventuality on Mar 7.

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iPad 3 on selling lists of 30 percent of users polled

Almost one-third of mobile Web users polled by InMobi have the
iPad 3 in their sights as a new
tablet is approaching to launch this month.


Eyeing an iPad 3? Then you’re positively not alone.

Almost one-third of mobile users surveyed by InMobi pronounced they devise to buy Apple’s subsequent iPad. And 44 percent pronounced they would cruise usually an iPad were they to buy a tablet.

Drilling down further, some-more than half of a people aiming to buy a iPad 3 don’t now possess a tablet. But 65 percent would opt for an iPad or iPad 2 during a reduced price, a pointer to InMobi that hum over a iPad 3 will approaching assistance sales of a progressing era models.

Half of a mobile users polled would compensate some-more than $500 for a iPad 3. But if a inscription costs some-more than $599, afterwards 57 percent pronounced they’d emporium around for an comparison model.

Among a people who’d cruise a code other than a iPad, 27 percent forked to a Samsung Galaxy Tab, while 14 percent pronounced they’d demeanour into Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Which facilities are generating a many fad among a impending iPad buyers?

A faster processor came in first, cited by 57 percent. Better battery life was second, followed by a high-resolution shade and 4G access. Half of those polled pronounced they’d be shopping a new iPad some-more for party than for business or education.

To accumulate a data, InMobile surveyed 689 mobile users in a U.S.

A Retina Display, speedier processor, and support for 4G LTE are among a facilities many design to strike a new iPad. Sterne Agee researcher Shaw Wu believes a inscription will also support Siri though thinks 4G will be key, job a subsequent iPad a “significant” refresh.

Apple has already requisitioned an eventuality for Mar 7 in that a association is approaching to take a wraps off a subsequent era tablet.

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Report: 7.85-Inch iPad Prototypes Delivered to Apple

Protoypes of a new iPad with a smaller shade have been delivered to Apple, and volume prolongation of a inclination could start as early as a third entertain of this year.

According to a DigiTimes report citing unnamed attention sources, a device will underline a 7.85-inch display. In comparison, a iPad 2 comes with a 9.7-inch screen.

The scaled-down inscription is now being fabricated by Apple’s production partners, DigiTimes reported. It is approaching to be labelled between $249 and $299 to contest with Amazon’s Kindle Fire, that sells for $199, and Barnes Noble’s Nook Tablet.

Rumors of a smaller iPad initial flush months ago. Back in December, there were reports that Apple had purchased 7.85-inch panels from LG Display and AU Optronics. Then final month, a Wall Street Journal claimed to have a source who reliable that Apple was contrast a new, smaller shade line of tablets. The late Steve Jobs is, however, obvious for his statements deriding a idea of a smaller tablet.

The news of Apple’s swell on a smaller iPad comes as Cupertino is suspicion to be gearing adult to announce a iPad 3 during a invitation-only eventuality on Mar 7. Among a pervasive rumors about a third-generation inscription are that it will underline an ultra-high fortitude “retina” display, 4G LTE connectivity, improved cameras, a thinner form factor, and new ARM chipsets, presumably Apple’s initial quad-core System-on-a-Chip to energy an iOS-based device.  

Apple is also believed to be prepping an 8GB iPad 2, that it might also announce subsequent week, DigiTimes reported. That indication is approaching to cost between $349 and $399.

For more, see PCMag’s full examination of a iPad 2 and a slideshow below.

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Apple iPad 2 (Wi-Fi + 3G) : Front

Apple iPad 2 (Wi-Fi + 3G) : Bottom

Apple iPad 2 (Wi-Fi + 3G) : Keyboard

Apple iPad 2 (Wi-Fi + 3G) : Controls

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iPad 3 Rumor Roundup: iPad HD, Higher Prices, and New Apple TV?

Apple this week officially sent out invites for a Mar 7 iPad event, revelation invitees that a association has “something we unequivocally have to see. And touch.”

This time subsequent week, we’ll know accurately what that entails, yet until then, a rumors keep coming. From suggested names and sizes to intensity “one some-more thing” options, a blogosphere continued to be abuzz with reports of what a next-gen iPad competence include. Let’s take a demeanour during a few of those that done a rounds.

Though we’ve all been referring to a subsequent iPad as a iPad 3, could Apple lift an iPhone 5/iPhone 4S and name it something else? According to Gizmodo, a new inscription competence be famous as a iPad HD. The blog forked to partial listings from Griffin and Belkin, and pronounced a moniker “is a good compare for a a new Retina-like display.”

But will we be profitable some-more for an iPad HD? MacRumors on Monday reported that a subsequent iPad could be $70 to $80 pricier than a iPad 2. The blog posted an picture of a supposed pricing piece that done a approach onto a renouned Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo, that seemed to lay out a cost comparison between a iPad 2 and iPad 3.

Apple is famous for carrying a “one some-more thing” proclamation during a press event. Could it be a new Apple TV? 9to5Mac reported that a Mar 7 eventuality will embody a recover of an Apple TV that has so distant been referred to as J33 internally. The “J33” product presumably sports a movement of Apple’s dual-core, ARM-based A5 processor that can tide 1080p video, according to a tech blog.

Digitimes, meanwhile, reported this week that protoypes of a new iPad with a 7.85-inch shade were delivered to Apple, yet prolongation on a smaller device is not approaching until a third quarter.

Finally, we know that Apple will betray a subsequent iPad on Mar 7, yet when will it strike stores? Apple product launches customarily start on Fridays, heading many to trust a iPad 3 will be accessible starting Mar 9. But a report from a Houston Chronicle says a launch competence indeed start on Mar 16. It forked to a launch of a new Houston-area Apple Store, a date for that was recently changed adult from Mar 17 to Mar 16, according to a Chronicle’s sources. The paper also remarkable that a iPad 2 launch happened 9 days after a tablet’s announcement.

For more, see PCMag’s full examination of a iPad 2 and a slideshow below.

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Apple iPad 2 (Wi-Fi + 3G) : Front

Apple iPad 2 (Wi-Fi + 3G) : Bottom

Apple iPad 2 (Wi-Fi + 3G) : Keyboard

Apple iPad 2 (Wi-Fi + 3G) : Controls

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iPad 3 Retina Display supply and app problems likely

Apple is carrying a iPad eventuality subsequent week where 3 versions of a iPad 3 are approaching to launch. The large underline of a new iPad is approaching to be a retina arrangement with a fortitude of 2048 x 1536 pixels. It sounds great, though what many competence not have suspicion of is applications designed to take advantage of that high-resolution shade will positively be incomparable downloads. That could spell difficulty for people who like to squeeze new apps on a go.

The record distance extent right now is 20 MB over 3G from a App Store. App developers who wish to take advantage of all a fortitude a new iPad will have to offer have to embody “@2x” graphics, that are high-resolution picture files. The problem is a inclusion of these high-resolution picture files will positively pull record sizes on some apps over a 20 MB extent definition there will be some-more apps that users will not be means to download to a iPad 3 over a 3G connection. A good instance is a Bjango app Consume, that was 18.3 MB for a stream iPad and will be about 35 MB for a new retina shade iPad.

DigiTimes is stating that Apple competence not be means to ramp a supply of a iPad 3 due to that high-resolution screen. Sources are revelation a announcement that a Apple supply sequence has unsuccessful to ramp adult supply of a new panels. The outcome is a iPad 2 will continue to be a mainstream inscription shipping in Q1 2012 and a iPad 3 will start gaining shipping movement in Q2 2012.

[via TheNextWeb]

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5 Things You Need to Know About a iPad 3

iPad 3: 5 Things You Need to KnowIt’s that time of a year again. Apple (AAPL) is promulgation out media invitations for an eventuality that will take place subsequent Wednesday.

“We have something we unequivocally have to see. And touch.”

Don’t let a “touch” pretence we into meditative that this will be merely an refurbish to a iPod hold media player. Everybody’s been awaiting Apple’s third era of a iPad to strike a marketplace in March, and that’s accurately what a marketplace will get.

If that’s not adequate explanation that a new iPad is coming, a graphic concomitant a invitation is clearly an iPad-sized device.

Let’s go over a 5 blazing questions that might really good be doing somersaults in your mind.

1. Will we Be Able to Buy an iPad 3 on Mar 7?

Don’t stay out during an Apple Store on Tuesday night, awaiting a glossy new inscription to be on a shelves Wednesday. The proclamation doesn’t meant that there will be evident internal availability, yet sources tell Apple viewer 9to5Mac that “near-immediate availability” is expected.

At a really least, folks will substantially be means to sequence right divided — even if a new iPad itself might not boat for another week or two.

You will still wish to pre-order early if we wish one. Apple iPhones and iPads are still tough to come by on their launch dates, and folks who wait too prolonged mostly face weeks of delays.

2. What Will a New Features Be?

Apple’s lips are hermetic until subsequent week, though it’s an evolutionary given that a new iPad will have even crook graphics and a meatier processor. There’s also copiousness of gibberish indicating that a some-more costly 3G indication will get bumped adult to a speedier 4G LTE platform.

Some Apple watchers were unhappy that a iPhone 4S — instead of a rarely expected iPhone 5 — didn’t make a jump to 4G. Unfortunately, a infrastructure only wasn’t there final year. ATT (T) and Verizon (VZ) have been aggressively building out 4G connectivity, so it should be accessible in name civil markets for a new iPad.

Apple also generally provides a “one some-more thing” warn or dual that catches even a many associating outsiders off guard, so subsequent Wednesday promises to be really interesting.

3. Why Is Apple So Secretive?

If we were Apple — with shelves of unsold iPad 2 tablets — would we start constrained a iPad 3 earlier rather than later? The final thing Apple wants is to pre-announce a specs, frozen sales of a stream model.

Remember a brouhaha that erupted dual years ago when someone found an iPhone 4 antecedent in a bar? Apple prefers to be a one that controls a summary and a timing of a message. The category act of Cupertino is a one that wants to wow fans during a roll-out events like a one it’s entertainment in California subsequent week.

4. Is Apple Really Calling It a iPad 3?

There’s indeed a flattering satisfactory possibility that it will not follow in a numerical fixing footsteps of a iPad 2. The final thing that Apple wants to turn is predictable.

Piper Jaffray researcher Gene Munster believes that a new inscription might be called “iPad HD.” (Give it time. The name will grow on you.)

There’s during slightest one good reason for Apple not to call this a iPad 3, generally if it comes with 4G LTE connectivity: Apple already has a tough time explaining to consumers that a iPhone 4 and a iPhone 4S are not 4G. The indication series is merely a coincidence. How treacherous will it be if a iPad 3 is 4G while a iPhone 4S is 3G? Going with iPad HD — or any other name — would assistance keep Apple’s selling group a lot.

5. How Much Will It Cost?

There’s small reason to design Apple to wandering from a $499 entry-level indicate that has served it good by a tablet’s initial dual generations.

Apple is doubtful to strike prices higher. (AMZN) and now Barnes Noble (BKS) have strike a marketplace with smaller and reduction absolute tablets during a some-more constrained $199 cost indicate given a final iPad strike a market.

What Apple is expected to do is announce that it will continue to sell a iPad 2 — during slightest a cheapest indication that this week sells for $499 — though dump a cost by $100 or so. In other words, if you’re in a marketplace for an iPad 2, do yourself a preference and wait a few days.

Apple always finds a approach to prerogative a patient.

Longtime Motley Fool writer Rick Munarriz does not possess shares in any of a bonds in this article. The Motley Fool owns shares of and Apple. Motley Fool newsletter services have endorsed shopping shares of Apple and Motley Fool newsletter services have endorsed formulating a longhorn call widespread position in Apple.

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iPad 3 Release Rumor: Top Reasons Why Apple’s Next Gen Tab Will Be Costlier than iPad 2

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Apple is awaiting to container a insubordinate retina arrangement featuring double-resolution shade 2048×1536 pixels in dimension with mutated IGZO (indium, gallium, zinc) record that will yield an softened pixel firmness of 330 ppi. Though it’s all rumors this is maybe one gossip that has got many of a confirmations. So Apple will really yield Retina arrangement with iPad 3, that is a vital ascent on iPad 2’s arrangement of 1024×768 pixels and a pixel firmness of 132 ppi.

2.       Bigger and Better Battery

Another conjecture that got backups from ‘leaked’ images is that iPad 3 will have a battery as high as 14,000 mAH to support a approaching HD shade and a some-more absolute processor. The iPad 2 packs a Li-Po 6930 mAh battery and Apple claims that a benefaction battery gives adult to 10 hours of speak time. Numerous speculations advise that this time Apple will pattern a many improved battery with iPad 3 to make a device faster and some-more efficient.

3.       Quad-core Processor

Several rumors advise that Apple has redesigned a behind row of iPad 3 to concede designation of new and improved A6 processor ditching a stream A5 processor-based proof board. Reports even advise that Apple is in talks with Samsung for production quad-core processor for iPad 3.

However, IBTimes progressing reported that Apple competence embody a “S5L8945X” chip on iPad 3, that competence be an ascent of dual-core A5 processor though not A6 quad-core processor. In fact, that can be a step between twin and quad-core processor.

4.       8 MP Camera

iPad 2 camera has always been during a core of criticism. While Apple did not container any camera with a strange iPad, iPad 2 has a elementary camera of 0.7 MP and a front VGA camera.

But this time, rumors are abundant that Apple will not unman a iPad fans and will yield an 8 megapixel camera on a iPad 3. Some leaked images of iPad 3 behind row also uncover some changes in a housing of a camera, that gives movement to a conjecture of a improved camera for a iPad 3.

5.       4G LTE

Reports from Bloomberg and iMore and a leaked images of a behind row of iPad 3 reliable that a iPad 3 is entrance with long-term expansion (LTE) support. The new reports advise that Apple has been operative on creation a iPad concordant with LTE.

Although Apple CEO Tim Cook pronounced progressing that a iPhone 4S was not packaged with initial era LTE chipsets as that would make lots of pattern compromises with a company’s devices, this time a association is approaching to container a new, thinner LTE chipset to offer significantly aloft download and upload speed compared to before era 3G HSPA/HSPA+ and CDMA/EVDO networks.

6.       Near Field Communication Technology (NFC)

According to several rumors, Apple’s program engineers are “heavy into NFC” and are formulating an app concordant with NFC comforts for their new iPhone 5. If this underline is entrance with iPhone 5, a same competence come with iPad 3 too, trust a inscription lovers..

Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology helps smartphone or inscription users make transactions, sell digital content, and bond electronic inclination with only a elementary touch.

7.       Siri

Siri, Apple’s insubordinate voice assistance, is one of a many approaching facilities for iPad 3. The same facilities are approaching to be launched in a iTV also. The benefaction chronicle of Siri, however, is not ideal though a inscription users are awaiting to accept an updated chronicle of a underline in iPad 3 that will have additional languages support like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian and Spanish.

MUST READ: iPad 3 Release Rumor: Does Apple Invitation Confirm Release of iTV Along With iPad?

iPad 3 Release Rumor: Apple to Unveil 16GB, 32GB Models, Plus an 8GB iPad 2 on Mar 7 

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iPad 2 vs Windows 8 Tablet: essentially different

Microsoft will shortly be pulling out their Windows 8 tablets to plea opposition platforms Android and iOS, and recently Microsoft done accessible a Windows 8 consumer preview for download, and we have a comparison video that pits Windows 8 on a inscription adult opposite a stream personality in a market, a Apple iPad 2 for your observation care below.

The Windows 8 contra iPad underline comparison video comes a approach pleasantness of a guys over during The Verge who put together a roughly 10 and a half mins of comparison footage and kicks off looking during a basics.

The guys do contend that iOS 5.0 and Windows 8 do share some similarities, however a user knowledge is essentially opposite and “informed by opposite communication metaphors.”

I’m certain those that use an Apple iPad 2 know all about a gestures so we won’t worry going over afterwards here, and Windows 8 is apparently really gesticulate complicated for countless things, and allows a user to appropriate adult to get a app menu or splash a shade to see an overview of their apps, and we can appropriate down from a tip to tighten an app while on a right side a appropriate will move adult a Charm bar menu.

In a comparison video next we will also get to see multitasking on Windows 8, adding an comment in mail, a Internet Explorer browser, scrolling, splash and zoom, and a like.

However as we do not wish to spoil your observation delight of this Apple iPad 2 contra Windows 8 comparison video I’ll stop right there and let we conduct on down to check out a footage to make adult your possess mind if Windows 8 is a wise challenger to a iPad 2 …enjoy.

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Apps Rush: The Simpsons, UEFA Euro 2012, Draw and Tell, Waking Mars, Kingdoms …

A preference of 14 apps for we today:

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Anything a Smurfs can do, can the Simpsons do better? EA has launched a new freemium diversion formed on Bart and family, as we build Springfield, clear characters and acquire (or buy in-app) donuts to speed your progress. The diversion also includes disdainful charcterised sequences that haven’t been screened in a categorical show.
iPhone / iPad

UEFA Euro 2012 by Carlsberg

Carlsberg is capitalising on a sponsorship understanding for a Euro 2012 football contest with a giveaway app for Android and iPhone. It’ll offer news, compare commentary, stats and Man of a Match voting. The couple above is for Android, though here’s a iPhone version.
Android / iPhone

Draw and Tell by Duck Duck Moose

Kid-apps developer Duck Duck Moose has launched a latest artistic app, that gets children drawing, colouring, adding practical stickers afterwards recording their voice to emanate a story. Everything can afterwards be common with friends and family.
iPhone / iPad

Waking Mars

Tiger Style’s new iOS diversion is hotly anticipated, given that a common was formerly behind a considerable Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor. This time round, you’re exploring mislaid caverns underneath Mars, flourishing plants and aliens to emanate your possess ecosystem along a way.
iPhone / iPad

Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp

Microsoft’s latest “Must Have Game” for Windows Phone is Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp, a spin-off from an existent Xbox Live Arcade game. It’s a collection of mini-games starring teeny-tiny troops units.
Windows Phone

Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for a North

Hardcore amicable games organisation Kabam has launched a initial iOS game: Kingdoms of Camelot. It’s apart from a existent web chronicle (much like Zynga’s iOS CityVille game), and sees we building a dominion and battling/allying with other players.
iPhone / iPad

AR Puzzle

Board games organisation Ravensburger is rising a new operation of “augmented existence puzzles”. That means earthy jigsaw puzzles that, when completed, can have an iPhone forked during them to exhibit “interactive sound and animation”.
iPhone / iPad

Kodak Gallery

Kodak has launched a amicable photography app Kodak Gallery on Android, assisting people to upload photos and afterwards share them on Facebook and Twitter, while also grouping prints and photo-gifts.

InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2012

IPC Media’s InStyle repository has teamed adult with John Lewis for a Best Beauty Buys awards, and there’s now an app for that. It focuses on 100 products, formed on a votes of 151 beauty attention figures, with a choice to crop and buy them all.
iPhone / iPad

Avira Free Android Security

Another day, another confidence app for Android, nonetheless this one’s focused some-more on mislaid smartphones. It can make your phone “scream” when unnoticed around a Web Console interface, while also locking it remotely, pinpointing a location, and providing a symbol for anyone who finds it to call a owner.


Web reading use Readability has launched an central iOS app, that promises to spin “any web page into a purify perspective for reading now or after on your computer, iPhone or iPad”. It synchronises with a Readability web browser add-on.
iPhone / iPad

eMedia Guitar Method

Guitar preparation program eMedia Guitar Method is now accessible as a £13.99 iPad app, charity 50 videos to learn new techniques formed on mroe than 60 songs. There’s an charcterised fretboard, an involuntary tuner regulating a iPad microphone, and a digital metronome built in too.


Well, it’s a name and a half. This award-winning PC diversion is now on iOS, still with we leaping off a tip of skyscrapers and behaving stunts as we fall. Naturally, a accelerometer is used heavily for controls in this new version.
iPhone / iPad

Wubbzy’s Pirate Treasure

This iPad book-app is formed on a Nick. Jr. animation called Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! and looks each bit as irascible as that pretension sounds. Developer GoodTalkApps promises some-more than 100 animations, 4 mini-games and 3 song videos to sing and dance along to.

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Retailers Slash iPad 2 Prices Before iPad 3 Launch

While conjecture is abundant that Apple might come out with a iPad 3 on Mar 7th, a date for that a association released a media invitation, retailers such as Best Buy have started to condense iPad 2 prices in a bid to transparent off their inventory.

It is common for retailers to condense a prices of electronic products in expectation of a attainment of their upgraded versions.

The iPad accounts for about 13% of a $550 cost guess for Apple stock. Our cost guess is about 5% above a stream marketplace price.

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