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Apple's New iPad is as Fragile as the Predecessor

Apple's New IPad Is as Fragile as Its PredecessorApple’s newest iPadApple’s new iPad will infer to be as frail to drops and other accidents as a predecessor, a iPad 2, an after-sales guaranty organisation pronounced today.

Although SquareTrade has no guaranty information on a new iPad, a association suspects that a new inscription will mangle during a same rate as a iPad 2, whose owners filed three-and-a-half times some-more claims for random repairs than did first-generation iPad owners during their initial year of ownership.

“It seems like a iPad 2 and a new iPad mangle in a same fashion,” pronounced Vince Tseng, SquareTrade’s clamp boss of marketing. “The form cause of a new iPad is roughly matching to a iPad 2.”

The association ran an unscientific “drop test” where workers forsaken both iPad 2s and new iPads from waist and shoulder height, potion adult and potion down, onto a hard, prosaic surface.

Both inscription models survived a face adult falls, though their potion overlays burst when forsaken face down. Damage to a new iPad’s screen, however, seemed some-more significant; in one case, a arrangement scarcely distant from a case.


Tseng attributed a bad opening of both a iPad 2 and new iPad to pattern changes Apple done final year when it reduced a density of a potion overlaying a touchscreen and mutated a aluminum case, exposing that potion above a frame’s bevel.

Claims filed with SquareTrade support a aloft event rate of a iPad 2 when compared with a 2010 original.

In their initial year of coverage, 9.8% of iPad 2 guaranty holders reported random damage, or 3.5 times a 2.8% rate of first-generation iPad owners, Tseng said.

After extrapolating a 5.5% random repairs explain rate of a first-generation iPad during a second year of coverage, Tseng pronounced SquareTrade approaching scarcely 20% of iPad 2 owners to news a inscription collision in a same period.

The infancy of reported repairs was burst or burst touchscreens, with 69% of a claims drop- or fall-related.

“The many critical cause in a disaster rate of a iPad 2 is a density of a glass,” pronounced Tseng. “That’s many expected a reason for a aloft rate, given a thinner potion is some-more disposed to breaking.”

Apple reduced a potion density of a iPad 2 by 23% when it switched to aluminosilicate glass, that is touted as some-more resistant to violation and scratching. Apple also uses a potion — marketed by Corning underneath a Gorilla Glass code and by Asahi Glass Co. as Dragontrail Glass — in a iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Tseng remarkable that Corning’s stronger Gorilla Glass 2, that a association introduced final Jan during a Consumer Electronics Show, might be used in a new iPad during some point.

But Apple’s claims that thinner aluminosilicate potion is ultra-durable only doesn’t compare SquareTrade’s data, what with iPad 2 owners filing three-and-a-half times some-more repairs reports. “I don’t know if [Apple’s] explain binds adult to reality,” pronounced Tseng.

Malfunction Claim Numbers Low

On a other hand, non-accidental claims for a iPad 2 — tools disaster of some kind — were intensely rare, pronounced Tseng. In a initial year of coverage, only 0.3% of iPad 2 owners, or 3 out of 1,000, filed a malfunction claim, compared to 0.9% of first-generation iPad owners.

Those numbers were a fragment of a explain rates posted by other devices, such as intelligent phones (with a first-year explain rate of 3.4%) and laptops (4.5%).

“In general, man, has Apple gotten good during producing electronics,” pronounced Tseng about a iPad’s low disaster rate.

The jury is still out, of course, on a new iPad. But one probable red flag, pronounced Tseng, is aloft temperatures generated by a tablet. “If a new iPad is heating up, that could impact a continuance of a inner components over time,” he said.

Apple has denied that a new iPad overheats.

SquareTrade faces new foe from Apple in a guaranty business: Apple only combined random repairs coverage to a two-year AppleCare devise for a iPad. An iPad owners is authorised to record dual collision claims during a life of a warranty, with any theme to a $49 use fee.

AppleCare for a iPad costs $99.

“It’s good that Apple is finally addressing accidents,” pronounced Tseng. “But it’s many useful to people who live in tighten vicinity of an Apple store.”

SquareTrade has forsaken a two-year guaranty cost to $89 to stay rival with AppleCare, and offers a three-year devise for $119. Like Apple, it levies a $49 cost — SquareTrade calls it a deductible — for any collision claim.

Gregg Keizer covers Microsoft, confidence issues, Apple, Web browsers and ubiquitous record violation news for Computerworld. Follow Gregg on Twitter during @gkeizer , on Google+ or allow to Gregg’s RSS feed . His email residence is .

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Apple unveils ‘new iPad’ with crook screen

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple gave a new iPad a garland of new facilities though no new name.

When it goes on sale subsequent week in a U.S. and several other countries, it will be “the iPad” or maybe “the new iPad” — not “iPad 3” or “iPad HD,” as some had speculated.

The new iPad denounced Wednesday comes with improvements that might not be straightforwardly apparent to a infrequent observer. It has, as expected, a crook screen, driven by a faster estimate chip that acts as a “brains” of a device. What was some-more startling was that a new facilities meant a inscription mechanism will be somewhat thicker and heavier than a iPad 2, given it needs a incomparable battery to energy a high-resolution screen.

Prices aren’t changing from a prior models. They will start during $499. Versions means of accessing mobile networks will cost $629 to $829.

Apple is gripping a simple indication of a iPad 2 in prolongation and dropping a cost to $399. That could assistance Apple recover some marketplace share from cheaper tablets like Inc.’s $199 Kindle Fire. Samsung Electronics and other makers of full-size tablets have cut their prices to next $500.

The battery life of a new indication stays a same: about 10 hours of use. Apple says a battery ability is 70 percent aloft than for a aged model, that suggests that it could have kept a aged shade and extended a battery life to 17 hours instead of upgrading a shade resolution.

Apple pronounced a new arrangement will be crook than a normal high-definition radio set. In a hands-on proof for an Associated Press reporter, content shown on a shade was noticeably crisper. The aloft fortitude won’t make a difference, however, for many Web images, that are of low resolution. The new shade should be means to uncover all a fact in high-definition movies, that a iPad 2 does not.

The new shade can also uncover deeper and some-more colourful colors than prior models, Apple said.

“We are holding it to a whole new turn and are redefining a difficulty that Apple combined with a strange iPad,” pronounced Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook during a launch eventuality in San Francisco.

Cook spoke of a “post-PC” epoch dominated by a iPad and other Apple products.

The new iPad will go on sale Mar 16 in a U.S., Canada and 10 other countries. A week later, it will go on sale in 25 some-more countries.

The miss of a new name could means difficulty for buyers, quite given a comparison model, a “iPad 2,” will still be sold. But a fixing use is unchanging with Apple’s practices for a iPod. New models have been simply called “iPod.” Consumers are left to figure out that era of a product they are looking for.

Compared with a iPad 2, a new indication facilities a higher-resolution camera on a back, identical to a one in a iPhone 4S.

The new iPad will be 9.4 millimeters thick, or 0.37 inches. That compares with 8.8 millimeters, or 0.34 inches, for a iPad 2. The weight is going adult from 1.33 pounds to 1.44 pounds for a Wi-Fi-only model. The strange iPad weighed 1.5 pounds.

Apple also reliable that a new indication will come in a chronicle that can use Verizon Wireless’ and ATT Inc.’s “LTE” wireless broadband networks. They offer speeds that are faster than a “3G” networks used by prior iPads, and stream iPhones.

Apple is updating some of a module on a inscription to take advantage of a new features. For example, it’s introducing a chronicle of a Mac’s iPhoto print classification and strategy module for a iPad.

The association also pronounced it would start vouchsafing users store cinema in a iCloud remote storage service, so they can be accessed by a Internet by PCs and Apple devices. It already lets users store photos, song and papers in a service.

Apple is also upgrading a Apple TV set-top box so it can play cinema in 1080p, a highest-resolution ordinarily used video standard.


Peter Svensson reported from New York.

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Apple Updates iTunes Movie Trailers App for iPad?s Retina Display

Apple has updated a iTunes Movie Trailers app to take advantage of a new iPad’s “resolutionary” Retina display.

The giveaway app lets users crop hundreds of HD clips, trailers, and photos from arriving films, find out when arriving cinema are going to be expelled in theatres, and squeeze tickets. In a updated version, all film posters and other images, along with a tangible trailers, have been optimized for a new iPad’s Retina display. The update, chronicle 1.1, is accessible now in a App Store.

Apple did not mention accurately what fortitude it is streaming now, yet one commenter to MacRumors pronounced they tested 12 opposite trailers and they are all 1080p. The app works on both Wi-Fi and LTE connections, yet if we use LTE be wakeful that we will quickly bake by your information plan.

Other developers have also been operative to refurbish their apps for a new Retina display. Netflix on Wednesday released an refurbish to a iOS app that includes high fortitude icons and images — optimizing menus and film thumbnails for a Retina arrangement — though cinema and TV shows are still being streamed in customary definition. Netflix pronounced it skeleton to start streaming HD video during a after date.

The new iPad, that hit stores a week ago, comes with a highly-anticipated 2,048-by-1,536-pixel Retina display. PCMag’s lead researcher for mobile Sascha Segan pronounced a arrangement is “as pleasing as you’ve heard, and colors are some-more jam-packed than on a prior model. It’s still reflective, that creates some problems outdoors, though during 264 pixels per inch, it’s a sharpest inscription shade there is.”

For more, see PCMag’s review of a new iPad and a slideshow below.

For a tip stories in tech, follow us on Twitter during @PCMag.

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New Apple iPad

Retina Display

Size Comparison: New iPad vs. iPad 2

Display Comparison

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Shopping For Zero-Days: A Price List For Hackers’ Secret Software Exploits

This story accompanies a profile of a French exploit-selling organisation Vupen in a Apr 9th emanate of Forbes magazine.

A crafty hacker currently has to make tough choices. Find a formerly different routine for dismantling a defenses of a device like an iPhone or iPad, for instance, and we can news it to Apple and present it during a confidence discussion to win celebrity and remunerative consulting gigs. Share it with HP’s Zero Day Initiative instead and acquire as many as $10,000 for assisting a organisation seaside adult a confidence gear. Both options also concede Apple to repair a bugs and make a hundreds of millions of iPhone and iPad users some-more secure.

But any hacker who happens to know one Bangkok-based confidence researcher who goes by a hoop “the Grugq”–or someone like him–has a third option: arrange a understanding by a pseudonymous feat attorney to palm a feat information over to a supervision agency, don’t ask too many questions, and get paid a entertain of a million dollars–minus a Grugq’s 15% commission.

That iOS feat cost represents usually one of a dozens of deals a Grugq (pictured above) has organised in his year-old side career as a center male for supposed “zero-day” exploits, hacking techniques that take advantage of tip vulnerabilities in software. Since he began hooking adult his hacker friends with contacts in supervision a year ago, a Grugq says he’s on lane to acquire a million in income this year. He organised a iOS understanding final month, for instance, between a developer and a U.S. supervision contractor. In that case, as with all of his feat sales, he won’t offer any other sum about a customer or a seller.

Even with a $250,000 payout he elicited for that deal, he wonders if he could have gotten more. “I consider we lowballed it,” he wrote to me during one indicate in a dealmaking process. “The customer was too happy.”

A six-figure cost for a singular hacking technique competence sound extravagant, yet it’s frequency unique. Based on vocalization with sources in this sly yet authorised trade, I’ve fabricated a severe cost list for zero-day exploits below.

Each cost assumes an disdainful sale, a many complicated chronicle of a software, and, of course, not alerting a software’s vendor. Some fees competence even be paid in installments, with any successive remuneration depending on a businessman not patching a confidence vulnerabilities used by a exploit.  In some cases a techniques would need to be used in mixed to be effective.

An exploit’s cost factors in both how widely a aim program is used as good as a problem of enormous it. A technique that allows a hacker to benefit control of a Mac OSX appurtenance after hacking an focus competence acquire usually a fragment of one that targets Windows, for instance, since of Windows’ larger marketplace share. But an iOS feat pays some-more than one that targets Android inclination partly since it requires defeating Apple’s significantly worse confidence features. That means many agencies can simply rise their possess Android attacks, a Grugq says, while ones that can dig a iPhone are singular and pricey. For a Jailbreakme 3 iOS feat combined by a hacker Comex final year, a Grugq says he listened agencies would have been fervent to compensate $250,000 for disdainful use of a attack.

Who’s profitable these prices? Western governments, and privately a U.S., says a Grugq, who himself is a local of South Africa. He boundary his sales to a American and European agencies and contractors not merely out of reliable concerns, but also since they compensate more. “Selling a bug to a Russian mafia guarantees it will be passed in no time, and they compensate really small money,” he says, explaining that he has no contacts in a Russian government. ”Russia is flooded with criminals. They monetize exploits in a many heartless and common approach possible, and they lie any other heavily.”

As for China, he says that a nation has too many hackers who sell usually to a Chinese government, pulling down prices. “The marketplace is really depressed,” he says. Other regions like a Middle East and a rest of Asia can’t compare Western prices either.

As a result, a Grugq earns 80% of his income from a U.S., yet spasmodic a developers who work with him have asked that he sell usually to Europeans. Over some-more than a decade in a hacker scene, he’s met adequate sovereign agents to have contacts during mixed U.S. agencies, and he knows how to package his developer’s exploits for sale to those buyers, with veteran offered and support. “You’re fundamentally offered blurb software, like anything else. It needs to be discriminating and come with documentation,” he says. “The usually disproportion is that we usually sell one license, ever, and everybody calls we evil.”

One of a many outspoken of those critics is Chris Soghoian, a remoteness romantic with a Open Society Foundations, who has described a firms and people who sell program exploits as “the modern-day merchants of death” offered “the bullets of cyberwar.”

“As shortly as one of these weaponized zero-days sole to governments is performed by a ‘bad guy’ and used to conflict vicious U.S. infrastructure, a shit will strike a fan,” Soghoian warned in a speak during a Kaspersky researcher limit in February. “Security researchers should not be offered zero-days to center male firms…These firms are cowboys and if we do zero to stop them, they will drag a whole confidence attention into a universe of pain.”

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New iPad Already Accounts for 1 in 15 Apple Tablets

A week after a launch of a new iPad, a device now accounts for about 1 in 15 Apple tablets accessing a Internet, a mobile ad network pronounced today.

Chitika, that frequently mines information from a ad-serving network for device and browser use patterns, pronounced that over a past 24 hours a new iPad generated 6.6% of all iPad trade that goes by a company’s systems.

Apple’s first-generation inscription and 2011’s iPad 2 were obliged for a remaining 93.4%.

The new iPad’s partial of a Apple inscription cake has been solemnly augmenting given a device’s entrance Mar 16 . Early final Saturday, for example, Chitika pronounced a new iPad strike a high of 5%, and reached a 9.9% share for an hour on Tuesday, Mar 20.

Although Chitika’s measurements don’t directly conform with a commissioned bottom of a device — in this box a new iPad versus a dual prior models — a firm’s numbers are in a ballpark, according to sum Apple has done public.

Earlier this week, Apple pronounced it had sold 3 million new iPads over a initial weekend, a series that represents 5.4% of a 55.3 million iPads Apple sole by Dec. 31, 2011.

Also on Friday, Apple started selling a tablet in 25 some-more markets, including Austria, a Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Mexico, a Netherlands, Poland and Spain, bringing a sum series of countries where a new iPad is accessible adult to 35.

And shipping delays in several of a countries where a iPad launched final Friday — including a U.S., a U.K., France and Germany — now mount during one to dual weeks, a diminution of a week from a two-to-three-week interval only before a debut.

Gregg Keizer covers Microsoft, confidence issues, Apple, Web browsers and ubiquitous record violation news for Computerworld. Follow Gregg on Twitter during @gkeizer , on Google+ or allow to Gregg’s RSS feed . His email residence is .

See more by Gregg Keizer on .

Read some-more about macintosh in Computerworld’s Macintosh Topic Center.

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iPad 3: Beware of third-party advancing cables

Jason D. O’Grady grown an affinity for Apple computers after regulating a strange Lisa, and this affinity incited into a bona-fide mania when he got a strange 128 KB Macintosh in 1984.

He started essay one of a initial Web sites about Apple (O’Grady’s PowerPage) in 1995 and is deliberate to be one of a fathers of blogging. He has been a visit orator during a Macworld Expo discussion and a member of a discussion faculty. He also co-founded a initial dedicated PowerBook User Group (PPUG) in a United States.

After winning a vital authorised conflict with Apple in 2006, he set a fashion that eccentric reporters are entitled to a same protections underneath a First Amendment as members of a mainstream media.

O’Grady is the author of The Nexus One Pocket Guide, The Droid Pocket Guide, The Google Phone Pocket Guide, and The Garmin nuvi Pocket Guide (Peachpit Press), a author of Corporations That Changed a World: Apple Inc. (Greenwood Press), and a writer to The Mac Bible (Peachpit Press). In addition, he has contributed to countless Mac publications over a years, including MacWEEK, Macworld, and MacPower (Japan).

When he’s not essay about Apple for ZDNet during The Apple Core, he enjoys spending time with his family in New Jersey.

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Leading Real Estate Companies of a World(R) Brokers and Agents Say: "I Want …

ORLANDO, FL, Mar 23, 2012 (MARKETWIRE around COMTEX) —
More than 3 out of 4 genuine estate professionals surveyed who
registered to attend a 2012 Leading Real Estate Companies of the
World(R) Conference that began yesterday in Orlando, Florida selected
an iPad Presentation App as a singular many elite offered tool
they would like to have, according to a new consult expelled currently by
Imprev, a heading genuine estate offered record company.

The iPad Presentation App surfaced a list of 25 opposite marketing
products, from that respondents chose adult to 5 opposite products
they would like to have. The subsequent many renouned offered product was
automated (or “Drip”) eMarketing Campaigns (35%), followed by Single
Property Websites (29%), a Personal Blog (28%) and Video (25%).

“Real estate agents are cheering that they wish their iPad apps,”
said Renwick Congdon, CEO and Founder of Imprev, a marketing
technology organisation that conducted a consult and a unite during this
week’s LeadingRE MarTech Event for offered and technology
professionals. Congdon also forked to his firm’s inner research,
which shows a bomb recognition of iPad-enabled designs it
offers genuine estate brokerage firms. “The iPad from Apple is quickly
becoming a entire offered and capability apparatus for a real
estate industry,” Congdon said.

The Smartphone was picked as agents’ and brokers’ stream favorite
technology, with a small some-more than half those surveyed observant it was
their tip choice (52%), followed by a iPad/Tablet (26%),
Laptop/Notebook/Netbook (16%), Desktop Computer (5%) and Other (1%).

“Mobile offered continues to accelerate during breakneck speed,” said
Congdon. “It’s a diversion changer for a industry.”

The Imprev consult also asked what a “five many effective marketing
products” were that agents use currently compared to a marketing
products they used 10 years ago.

Email offered ranked series one as a many effective marketing
product used currently (51%), followed closely by an Agent Website (50%),
Virtual Tours (42%), printed Postcards (36%) and Facebook (32%).

Those surveyed pronounced a many effective offered products for agents
ten years ago were Newspaper Display Ads (69%), followed by Postcards
and Flyers (tied during 66% each), Newspaper Classified Ads (58%) and
Magazine Display Ads (48%). Today, only 12% of agents picked
Newspaper Display Ads as one of their effective offered products,
with 10% selecting Magazine Display Ads and only 8% selecting
Newspaper Classified Ads.

The series one reason some-more than one in 4 agents still place a
Newspaper Display Advertising for each singular listing: their seller
expects or requests a ad, according to 79 percent of the
respondents surveyed.

The Imprev consult also showed a offered poke of Leading Real
Estate Companies of a World(R) members, as scarcely one out of three
(31%) discussion registrants surveyed spent some-more than $5,000 for
marketing per representative in a final 12 months. They also were
significantly some-more active in offered homes than a average
Realtor(R), with two-thirds (66%) of those surveyed completing 10 or
more transaction sides in a final 12 months, compared to a latest
National Association of Realtors research, that shows only half of
all agents finished 10 or some-more transaction sides.

About Imprev
Imprev, Inc. is a heading provider of private-label
Marketing and Design Centers for genuine estate brokerage firms and is
licensed to some-more than 200,000 genuine estate agents worldwide.
Imprev-powered Marketing Centers yield brokers and agents with a
single source for digital flyers (which can be printed), Craigslist
display ads, digital and imitation postcards, Single Property Websites,
video, practical tours, iPad presentations, and e-marketing (Facebook,
Twitter, email) material. Imprev helps agents simply and
cost-effectively raise their possess personal picture while harnessing
the change of their company’s brand. Established in 2000, Imprev
is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. Visit Imprev at .

Key picture links
Imprev logo:
Imprev video:

Image Available:

        News Media Contact:
        Kevin Hawkins
        206.866.1220 cell/direct

SOURCE: Imprev, Inc.


Copyright 2012 Marketwire, Inc., All rights reserved.

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LTE Option Poses Data Dilemma for iPad, Smartphone Users

The new iPad’s LTE option, that allows entrance to quick 4G networks, has also repelled some business who found they can eat adult an whole month’s value of information examination usually a integrate hours of streaming video.

For a prolonged time, analysts and even carriers have urged business to download videos and other vast files over Wi-Fi to equivocate a high cost of regulating a mobile connection .

But that hasn’t stopped owners of a new iPad and some new LTE Android-based smartphones like a Samsung Galaxy Nexus from leveling renewed critique during carriers like ATT and Verizon Wireless for commanding high information fees.

In December, Computerworld illustrated a problem by downloading a singular 128-minute HD film over LTE to a Galaxy Nexus. The 3.7GB film record took reduction than dual hours to download .

The new iPad adds a whole new turn of temptation, given it facilities a high-resolution 9.7-in “Retina” arrangement with 3.1 million pixels, creation it a good proceed to perspective all from cinema to online games to televised sports. A quick LTE network offers a unchanging tie for streaming video and faster download capabilities than 3G networks.

Data cost skeleton for inscription users start during $30 a month for 3GB of information on ATT or 2GB on Verizon. Using that pricing model, a singular HD film download would cost $50 over Verizon (the $30 devise for 2GB, with dual $10-per-GB overage charges) or $40 on ATT.

As a result, some business are asking: Why have a good new smartphone or inscription regulating over LTE if we can usually watch video for such a brief volume of time?

“People aren’t going to mount around perpetually and usually understanding with stipulations on information usage, and it’s not obligatory on a user to guard his possess bandwidth consumption,” wrote Erik Fecher in a comment on Computerworld . “It’s totally a shortcoming of a use provider to accommodate it.”

The Wall Street Journal this week also found new iPad business who fast zipped by their particular information plans, with a emanate generating identical comments .

Neither Verizon or ATT wanted to criticism about information use costs. However Verizon did offer adult a series of “tips” around email for consumers seeking “to conduct their information concede stipend on…any mobile device.”

The Verizon tips, not surprisingly, embody regulating “Wi-Fi to assistance extend a life of your information plan” during home or elsewhere. “Checking email is not a outrageous use of data, though streaming video is, so we might wish to use Wi-Fi when streaming video,” Verison said.

The conduit also has a data calculator , and urges users to download a information widget for Verizon LTE tablets regulating Android. The widget is now not accessible for a iPad.

The wireless attention clearly sees a need to strengthen their networks.

“Carriers need to keep a information use rates sincerely high to equivocate being impressed by a users of these these content-crazy devices,” pronounced Jack Gold, an researcher for J. Gold Associates. “So we wouldn’t design carriers to be creation information some-more appealing anytime soon.”

Rob Enderle, an researcher during Enderle Group, pronounced a “core of a problem is under-capacity of networks…. If we are a conduit fundamentally offered some-more [bandwidth] than we have, we aren’t unequivocally encouraged to revoke prices, since that would expostulate adult direct and we already don’t have enough.”

Enderle, Gold and other analysts pronounced many consumers already avoid shopping LTE and 3G tablets to keep their costs low, resorting to Wi-Fi-only devices.

Just one in 10 tablets sold uses a mobile connection, researcher Chetan Sharma reported this week. Many inscription owners already have a smartphone and don’t wish to compensate for both services, he noted.

The debate has lifted a series of probable scenarios for carriers. One proceed would be to set adult family and association organisation skeleton in that 3G or 4G wireless information use for a given month is common opposite a organisation of people and their several devices.

“I do design to see information pity skeleton [from carriers] by a finish of a year or early subsequent year,” Gold said.

Another proceed would hang a information costs of an online app, film or sporting eventuality into a altogether cost of a app. Carriers could scale this information by regulating record identical to 800 job services where a businessman pays for a data. On-demand wireless video services are already rising that embody a cost of data.

Currently there’s not a resource to concede an app provider to embody a cost of information use when offered an app, Enderle said. But Amazon’s early e-reader inclination — not a Kindle Fire — do concede users to download a book with a wireless download cost bundled with a book. “Eventually, some apps will have connectivity as partial of a package,” he predicted.

A third proceed is emerging: cellular-to-Wi-Fi roaming technology, that would make it seamless for a inscription user on 3G or LTE to roam onto a Wi-Fi hotspot .

Carriers aren’t approaching to concede their business to ramble to Wi-Fi from mobile totally free, though it isn’t transparent how most they would charge, analysts said.

The Hotspot 2.0 record beginning has begun a second turn of contrast smartphones, tablets and laptops with embedded program that hoop secure and seamless cellular-to-Wi-Fi handoffs, pronounced Niels Jonker, CTO of Boingo Wireless. Boingo runs hotspots in many airports and sits on a house of a Wireless Broadband Alliance, that is compelling a Hotspot 2.0 initiative.

Jonker pronounced program updates for existent phones and program embedded in new phones will be accessible in a early partial of 2013. “The time to mass adoption is flattering close, not 5 years off,” he said.

The handoff from mobile to Wi-Fi with Hotspot 2.0 would work over smartphones and tablets and laptops and “would be entirely involuntary and partial of a customer’s plan,” he said.

“The mobile carriers are really most into this, and are motivated,” he added. “They know full good that there’s no proceed they can use a swarming place like a track of full of people holding and promulgation photos during once in any other proceed [than with Wi-Fi] and even LTE won’t scale to do that for them.”

Jonker pronounced it is mocking how a vast carriers report LTE as charity so most some-more altogether network capacity, though continue to attest to a Federal Communications Commission about tehir need for some-more spectrum. While Cisco has estimated there will be a 27-fold boost in wireless information expansion in a subsequent dual years, LTE is approaching to usually supplement a five-fold boost over a before wireless network capacity.

“We need a bigger resolution such as Wi-Fi offloading, and there’s not a conduit not on house with that,” Jonker said.

As to either Wi-Fi offloading could potentially cut into conduit revenues, Jonker pronounced that a biggest mercantile care for carriers should be to “keep their users happy. And they can’t build out their [cellular] networks low adequate to do that.”

Matt Hamblen covers mobile and wireless, smartphones and other handhelds, and wireless networking for Computerworld. Follow Matt on Twitter during @matthamblen or allow to Matt’s RSS feed . His email residence is

See more by Matt Hamblen on

Read some-more about wireless networking in Computerworld’s Wireless Networking Topic Center.

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Apple tightens hold on inscription marketplace with iPad 2 and 3 pincer move

Comment Following a launch of Apple’s new iPad a association has been criticised again for a miss of pattern overhaul, with some arguing this will stop sales. But a 7 Mar indeed saw nonetheless another Apple masterstroke – for dual reasons.

Firstly, while mostly unvaried on a outside, a New iPad’s launch focused on a program rather than hardware and on apps putting calm origination during a front – critical in building and serve strengthening a iOS ecosystem and also in a acclimatisation of PC users to post-PC users.

Broadly, iPad apps until now have mostly been consumption-orientated: they authorised punters to review books, check emails, watch films, crop broadsheets etc. Most of these experiences, while extended on a tablet, did not benefaction a need for consumers to buy one. A Kindle and smartphone would have sufficed.

It’s what’s inside that counts…

But now Apple holding a opposite tack. For a iPad-maker, a bridgehead is no longer pattern though program and coherence of experience. This pierce targets areas in that iOS’ usually competitor, Android, falls desperately short. The fact that many of Apple’s phenomenon focused heavily on apps is a covenant to this. Apple demo’d Sketchbook, an upgraded iWork apartment and combined iPhoto to a iLife family. Users can now create, revise and share calm on a go in a approach that was comparatively singular with a dual prior iPads.

Meanwhile Google’s fragmented, oft-updated Android OS and ecosystem is unsatisfactory and has been for a many partial of 2011 – and on many inscription devices, it’s not fit for purpose. With a latest OS update, Ice Cream Sandwich finally shows Android’s potential: Google and non-Apple Tablet vendors (Amazon aside) would do good to hang to a unified, unmodified UI. Samsung Touch Wiz and HTC Sense need to go, and for that to happen, Google needs to rise an OS that vendors feel does not need to be altered in sequence to succeed. Google would do good to note that a reason since a iPad was so easy to collect adult and use was since iOS users had used on a iPhone. On a other hand, someone who uses an HTC Desire HD would find picking adult a Galaxy Tab 10.1 a new experience.

So we can see that a concentration on apps from Apple was not, as some media sources suggested, to change courtesy divided from a product with no pattern renovate and usually incremental changes in specification. Rather, it emphasised that for Apple a iPad’s singular offered pont is no longer a shape, weight and density though a apps and ecosystem. As Samsung really aptly demonstrated via 2011, many vendors can now make high quality, lighter, faster, thinner tablets with an impressively quick turnaround time. For Apple to now conclude a iPad by these facilities would be futile. A singular pattern might have tangible a iPad 1 and 2’s success, though destiny iterations will approaching have usually incremental spec upgrades and concentration will be on a peculiarity of a ecosystem. Thus, Apple’s possibility of prevalence now lies in forging a platform-centric business model.

Tablet-bombing a mid-market

Apple’s second masterstroke was to continue to sell a iPad 2, pitching it precisely during a mid-market – which adult until 6 Mar looked as if it would be probably self-existent in 2012. Not usually will this aim a vast bottom of business who wish a inscription though found a £399 cost indicate too dear (and they are out there as a TouchPad glow sale demonstrated) though it will naturally lead to other mid-market competitors being done many obsolete. If a Kindle, sole during a loss, is to cost £199 and an iPad 2 costs £329 and both inclination have a mostly finish well-resourced ecosystem, where does this leave mid-market competitors, pricing their device during around £300 using Android?

Add to this a fact that Retina Display alone is approaching to be adequate of an inducement in itself for early adopters and iPad 1 owners who did not ascent to iPad 2. We design 2012 to be a year when, incredibly, Apple will indeed gain on a widespread position in a marketplace in Europe. With Context* conveyance total for Q4 2011 giving Apple an 89 per cent share of a Western European market, a approaching boost in marketplace share is all a some-more impressive.

It is value observant in interruption that a cost indicate of a iPad 2 is still comparatively high for a year-old inscription and many consumers are approaching to opt for a newer model. But Apple has a severe balancing act of volume contra domain in a iPad 2 pricing, quite as a bigger cost pierce would risk cannibalising sales of a newer model. The iPad 2 has been deliberately been labelled high, with iPad 2 pricing coherence a approaching choice if and when foe intensifies.

With a high-end marketplace cornered, and sceptics assured of a need to lift around an additional mobile device, a plan to conclude a inscription space by providing an simply accessible, well-resourced ecosystem balancing calm origination and expenditure is a inscription industry’s subsequent bridgehead – and a subsequent gauntlet Apple has thrown down for a competitors. And now, with a iPad 2 placed precisely into a center marketplace – specifically targeting consumers who consider iPads overpriced – a hurdles and a rewards of a inscription marketplace will be all a greater. ®

*Salman Chaudhry is a mobile computing researcher during Context

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DisplayMate: New iPad Lies About Charging Status

The id=”295473″new Apple iPad is displaying a full battery when it still has an hour to charge, Dr. Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate Technologies pronounced after contrast a new tablet’s display. 

“The new iPad continues to assign for about 1 hour after it claims to strech 100%. This affects a battery run time if we stop charging when it says 100%,” Soneira pronounced in an email to

The iPad isn’t alone in this. “Other tablets and smartphones also distortion about their charging status,” Soneira pronounced in his email.

Soneira, a heading arrangement analyst, has worked with before in assisting to investigate monitors, TVs and unstable displays.

As a new 2048-by-1536 display’s backlight takes 7 watts of energy compared to a iPad 2’s 2.7-2.8 watts, according to Soneira’s full report, a new iPad requires a many bigger battery.

Apple iPad Coverage

But a new iPad uses a same energy adapter and inner charging electronics as a aged one, with a 10-watt energy adapter. That means a bigger battery takes longer to charge.

In a tests, we found that a new iPad took about 7 hours to uncover a 100% charge, while a prior iPad 2 took about 4 hours. Soneira says to supplement an hour to be sure.

According to Soneira’s other tests, many other 10-inch tablets – including a Motorola Xoom, Asus Transformer TF101 and Acer Iconia A500 – have about a same shade energy pull as a iPad 2. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is between a iPad 2 and new iPad, during 3.3-4.7 watts.

None of those tablets have anything tighten to a new iPad’s 2048-by-1536 resolution, though. The initial Android-powered tablets to proceed that fortitude will substantially be a arriving Asus Infinity TF700 and Acer Iconia A700, with 1900-by-1200 screens. Those tablets are sloping to be entrance out someday after this spring.

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