$350 Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 vs $400 iPad 2: Ultra-Tablet Prices Finally …

Whether or not we trust 2011 was a year of a inscription computer, many of a best inclination from final year are finally saying their prices fall. That includes a noted down $400 iPad 2 and $350 Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 during Best Buy. The Galaxy Tab is on sale, though it’s been out prolonged adequate that it will expected stay during that price. It’s $100 reduction than a cost it debuted with, and a same goes for a iPad 2.

No matter what kind of inscription people are looking for, a underneath $400 cost is really partial of it. Although a sorcery cost for non-iPad tablets seems to be $200 (Kindle Fire), some-more and some-more consumers are removing informed with what a $200, $300 or $400 should demeanour like. Consumers are removing smarter, in other words, and that means manufacturers have to get smarter too. Asus, for example, is about to refurbish a renouned Transformer Prime TF201 with new program and features. Because that device is one of a usually Android tablets using a Ice Cream Sandwich/Android 4.0 system, it means Asus is doing a improved pursuit than many companies with gripping their business in a loop.

While a Samsung Galaxy 8.9 Tab is scheduled to get a Android 4.0 eventually, we don’t have a date yet. We’ve lined adult a iPad 2 and a Galaxy Tab 8.9 for shoppers to compare, so start a slideshow for a details. Let us know in a comments if you’ve checked out a iPad 3 or if we only can’t pitch a $500 price.

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