Apple iPad 3 Release Date 2012: The Coolest Accessories To Buy For Your New iPad

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Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), prophesy problems caused by staring during a resource or inscription shade for prolonged durations of time, affects people any and each day. According to a American Optometric Association, symptoms of resource prophesy syndrome embody eyestrain, headaches, confused prophesy and dry eyes, reported CBS News. CVS is some-more common in people who glance during a shade for twin or some-more continual hours during a time.

With a iPad 3 recover Friday, millions will be glued to their new Apple tablets. “Computer, inscription and smartphone screens are typically reason close, that causes eye strain,” reported CBS News. “Also, these screens always uncover frivolous images, that means a eyes to change in and out of concentration though us even realizing it. That’s weakening a eye’s focusing muscles, a alloy says, causing a eyes to work tough to say focus.”

But there is resolution for observation your new iPad’s retina shade in comfort. Before we buy your iPad 3, grab a span of Gunnar Optiks. Gunnar Optiks is a code of modernized resource eyewear designed to fight CVS. The tinted, wrap-around eyeglasses urge contrariety and filter out blue light, that is harder on a eyes. The wrap-around pattern keeps in steam that helps with dry eyes.

For those who wish to stay en vogue, Gunnar offers mixed frames to fit your personal style. The indoor, CVS-prevention span comes with possibly amber or splendid lenses. The outside span has a cold flier frame. The prices are also unusually medium for such a complexly designed product, ranging from $79 to $189 for a modernized resource eyewear. If all that is not reason enough, even 50 Cent wears them

Buy a Case! They’ll Sell Out, Too

CNN reported Monday morning that manufacturers of iPad cases and covers are ramping adult prolongation to comment for all of a new iPad purchases. CNNMoney highlighted a new iPad’s dimensions, that are identical to that of a iPad 2. This underline gives many case-makers some leeway. However, for manufacturers regulating wood, cosmetic or steel even a millimeter could make a difference.

On Mar 8, iSkin announced a new cases, sleeves and carriers privately designed for Apple’s next-generation tablet. These products can be purchased on a iSkin website. The Aura (iPad 3, $100) is a folio box that will strengthen your iPad from any outmost repairs and will reason it adult in landscape course when typing.

Marco Tabini of MacWorld compiled a round-up of some of a best updated cases for a new iPad. Here are some of a equipment from his list:

  • Gumdrop: The Drop Tech Series (iPad 3; $60) provides hardcore insurance for bland use, as good as for any extra-rugged sourroundings in that find yourself in a association of your tablet. Available in black, black/red, white/black, or pink/white, and built out of stout rubberized plastic, it is designed to yield mixed layers of insurance from bumps, drops, and scratches.
  • Hard Candy: The Bubble 360 (iPad 3; $60) is a two-piece hardshell box designed to yield limit insurance while adding minimal bulk. Built regulating a twin polycarbonate design, a box facilities a accessible screen-locking resource that keeps dirt and H2O out though inspiring a feel of a iPad in your hand. The box is accessible in white or black.
  • USBFever: The Eggshell (iPad 2 and 3; $29) is an ultra-thin tough box designed to work alongside Apple’s Smart Cover. Just 0.9mm thick, a Eggshell protects a behind of your inscription from scratches and dents though interfering with a captivating connection of a Smart Cover. The Eggshell comes in clear, frosted, or black.

Click here to perspective Tabini’s full iPad cases and covers round-up as reported on MacWorld.

Use Your iPad 3 Anywhere, Any Way

Do we have unconventional dreams of all a ways we could use your new iPad 3? Well, modulR will make those dreams come true. ModulR has some of a coolest iPad accessories around. These accessories concede we to use your iPad anywhere, any way. Products include: a shoulder tag for hands-free convenience; a palm tag for comfort and control; a slim wall mountain for boardrooms or bedrooms; and a conduct rest tag that turns your iPad into a TV for a car.

Bag It

Shoving your iPad 3 in your purse or briefcase competence not be ideal. Not usually does it yield some-more bulk to your bag, though it also could repairs an defenceless screen. There is a distant some-more select approach to lift your new inscription and that is with an iPad bag.

For a ladies, Marc Jacobs creates a overwhelming quilted iPad box (Neiman Marcus, $495) that looks like a purse – with a zip top, quilted physique jewelry-like quell sequence shoulder tag with lambskin inset and cotton-blend backing to strengthen a shade of your tablet. The undying demeanour is complemented with fun, candy colors including pink, coral, berry and splendid yellow.

For a gentlemen, a Oakley Alpha Charlie follower bag (Oakley, $100) is a cool, civic carrying box for your iPad 3 while we are on a move. The weatherproof element will keep your inscription protected from any outmost mistreat and a multi-colored physique gives it a adorned look. It even comes stocked with headphones. Added bonus!

Turn Your iPad Into Photo Album

Do we ever consternation what use your iPad 3 competence have while we are not actively regulating it? Instead of vouchsafing your inscription only lay in your bag or lay on a table, we can spin it into a digital print album. The iPad Frame (, $94.95) is one support that can be used in 3 different ways.

You can use a iPad support to mountain your iPad 3 to a wall. “Easily slip your iPad in this pattern support to dock, assign and arrangement your photos, cinema or apps. Put in on your night table, work list or wall to arrangement your iPad in landscape or mural while still charging it.”

Use it as a list or list frame. “A pleasing support binds your iPad firmly and even when your iPad is not in a support it will still arrangement your favorite photo. Includes an integrated usb wire and wharf connector, only slip a iPad in and it is connected to assign and sync.”

Finally, make your iPad 3 an in-wall installation. “Slide in your iPad in landscape or mural mode and your iPad will charge. Charge your iPad in character with good functionality. Don’t only wharf it, wharf it in style. Even when your iPad isn’t docked a support still displays a print that we put in a frame. “

Wireless Keyboards Make a Job Easy

If we devise to use your iPad 3 for business (or to write your initial novel), Apple’s wireless keyboard (Apple, $69) is an essential purchase. The cable-free keyboard uses Bluetooth record to bond with your iPad, permitting we to pierce and form freely. It can also bond with a Mac computer. The slim pattern of a support make a ideal for an uncluttered desktop.

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