New Apple iPad hits 116 degrees, Consumer Reports says

Apple’s latest iPad can strike temperatures as high as 116 degrees Fahrenheit while personification movement games, Consumer Reports pronounced on Tuesday — distant hotter than progressing versions of a attention heading tablet.

Using a thermal imaging camera, engineers with a consumer watchdog organisation available a mountainous temperatures as on both a front and back of a new iPad while personification a graphics complete diversion Infinity Blade II. These temperatures were most warmer than a iPad 2, pronounced Donna L. Tapellini, an researcher with Consumer Reports.

“In a past, we’ve tested a feverishness from laptops. When those strike 120 degrees, we found that could means problems when unprotected to unclothed skin,” Tapellini told

Modern video games tend to pull a processor and graphics chips to work their hardest, that led to a impassioned temperatures. At those temperatures, a iPad felt really warm, though not uncomfortable, Tapellini said.

“If we feel disturbed regulating it, if it’s removing too prohibited to handle, put it down on a list — or stop personification a diversion for a while,” she suggested.

“It gets rather warm/hot after 30 mins of usage. Do we consider it’s submissive or …. ?”

– iPad user criticism from Apple’s website

Apple’s website says that temperature warning screens will appear with a summary “iPad needs to cold down before we can use it,” if a iPad runs past a possess limits, something Tapellini pronounced she did not observe.

Consumer Reports’ findings endorse anecdotal observations by disturbed consumers, who have flocking to Apple’s forums to offer comments and observations on a new iPad. One thread called “New iPad Overheating?” has stretched to 17 pages given it was started on Friday, a really day a newest iPad went on sale.

“Just got my new iPad. I’m amatory a shade and speed though there’s something uncanny about it. It gets rather warm/hot after 30 mins of usage. It has never happened on my iPad 2. Do we consider it’s submissive or …. ?” one user posted a day he bought a new iPad.

Other early adopters have given concluded that yes, a new indication does indeed seem to get hotter than prior tablets. Some even contemplated returning their iPads, disturbed that a feverishness might turn an issue.

“While we was personification a burble popper diversion it got really prohibited so we private it from a case. we didn’t wish to grill a innards. When we set it on my path — it burnt my thighs! we had a red rectangle on my thighs for about 15 minutes!” One indignant consumer noted.

“Mine also overheats … we will wait a week also, afterwards it is going to find a new home unless there is some form of resolution,” another wrote.

Those folks have zero to worry about, Apple pronounced Tuesday.

Noting a many cutting-edge components within a newest gizmo, Apple mouthpiece Trudy Muller told that temperatures were good within normal range.

“The new iPad delivers a overwhelming Retina display, A5X chip, support for 4G LTE and 10 hours of battery life, all while handling good within a thermal specifications,” Muller said. 

Muller declined to residence a Consumer Reports finding, nor would a association endorse that a new iPad does indeed run hotter than a final era — a fact that Consumer Reports has proven. 

Apple does not explain accurately what those thermal specifications are, though specifications on a company’s website prove that a iPad can run during ambient temperatures adult to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The site fails to prove how prohibited is too hot.

“If business have any concerns they should hit AppleCare,” Muller told

Apple pronounced Monday that a new iPad already sole about 3 million units given a initial launch final week. Apple shares sealed Monday above $600 for a initial time.

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