New iPad Already Accounts for 1 in 15 Apple Tablets

A week after a launch of a new iPad, a device now accounts for about 1 in 15 Apple tablets accessing a Internet, a mobile ad network pronounced today.

Chitika, that frequently mines information from a ad-serving network for device and browser use patterns, pronounced that over a past 24 hours a new iPad generated 6.6% of all iPad trade that goes by a company’s systems.

Apple’s first-generation inscription and 2011’s iPad 2 were obliged for a remaining 93.4%.

The new iPad’s partial of a Apple inscription cake has been solemnly augmenting given a device’s entrance Mar 16 . Early final Saturday, for example, Chitika pronounced a new iPad strike a high of 5%, and reached a 9.9% share for an hour on Tuesday, Mar 20.

Although Chitika’s measurements don’t directly conform with a commissioned bottom of a device — in this box a new iPad versus a dual prior models — a firm’s numbers are in a ballpark, according to sum Apple has done public.

Earlier this week, Apple pronounced it had sold 3 million new iPads over a initial weekend, a series that represents 5.4% of a 55.3 million iPads Apple sole by Dec. 31, 2011.

Also on Friday, Apple started selling a tablet in 25 some-more markets, including Austria, a Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Mexico, a Netherlands, Poland and Spain, bringing a sum series of countries where a new iPad is accessible adult to 35.

And shipping delays in several of a countries where a iPad launched final Friday — including a U.S., a U.K., France and Germany — now mount during one to dual weeks, a diminution of a week from a two-to-three-week interval only before a debut.

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