Pricing Leaked for Apple’s New iPad: Same Costs as iPad 2.

Only a meagre few days before Apple’s large exhibit of a iPad 3 – or a iPad HD, or whatever it skeleton to call a retina-display tablet. And while we won’t be means to physically collect adult a new inscription on proclamation day, a ubiquitous gossip village is carefree that Apple’s going to have a new iPad prepared to go anywhere from a week to dual weeks from Wednesday’s large reveal.

While there’s been some speak that Apple competence burst a cost of a new iPad anywhere from $70 to $80 over a launch cost of a iPad 2, new leaked information creation a approach over to 9to5mac refutes final week’s pricing rumors. According to 9to5mac’s Mark Gurman, a prices of a several iterations of a subsequent iPad are going to be matching to a cost tags you’ll find on today’s non-discounted iPad 2 tablets.

In other words, nothing’s changing.

According to a cost matrix, Apple’s subsequent iPad will come in 6 opposite versions, separate between Wi-Fi-only tablets and tablets enriched with information connectivity around ATT or Verizon (currently approaching to be 4G LTE on both). Tablets will come in 3 sum capacities: 16, 32, or 64 gigabytes.

So how does that mangle down? For Wi-Fi usually iPads, a 16-gigabyte various is approaching to boat for $499. The cost bumps adult to $599 for a 32 gigabyte inscription and $699 for a 64-gigabyte tablet. Those looking to collect adult an iPad that comes prepared to bond adult to possibly ATT or Verizon’s information services get to suffer a bit of a surcharge for a capability: $629 for a 16-gigabyte iPad, $729 for a 32-gigabyte tablet, and a whopping $829 for a 64-gigabyte tablet.

As for information plans, ATT now offers iPad 2 users 250 megabytes of information for a $14.99 monthly cost, 3 gigabytes for $30, and 5 gigabytes for $50. Going over one’s 250-megabyte ATT devise costs $14.99 for an additional 250 megabytes (oof!), while overage charges on a gigabyte skeleton are usually $10 for any additional gigabyte. Verizon offers adult 3 sum monthly information plans: dual gigabytes for $30, 5 gigabytes for $50, and 10 gigabytes for $80. All Verizon information overages cost $10 per gigabyte used.

Those looking to measure a understanding on a iPad 2 before it competence or competence not turn irrelevant (a new news from Digitimes suggests that Apple competence also launch an eight-gigabyte various of a iPad 2 Wednesday, that seems unlikely) can now suffer a $50 discount during Best Buy – positively a outcome of a store attempting to transparent out register to make approach for Apple’s newer tablet.

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