SugarSync Launches Redesigned iPad App for Streamlined Mobile Productivity

        SAN MATEO, CA, Mar 22, 2012 (MARKETWIRE around COMTEX) --
        --  Completely Redesigned Interface for Streamlined Use
        --  New "Drag and Swipe" Navigation and Direct Access to Most-Used
        --  Optimized for Better Use of iPad Screen

SugarSync, a giveaway use that actively syncs your folders and files
across all your computers and mobile devices, now introduced a
completely redesigned app re-written from a belligerent adult to be truly
optimized for a iPad. The new SugarSync for iPad app introduces a
radically simplified interface that enables we to get things done
faster and brings a most-used facilities to a forefront.

“The augmenting proliferation of mobile inclination continues to drive
the direct for solutions that give we entrance to all your information from
whatever device we occur to have with we during that moment,” said
Drew Garcia, VP of Product Management during SugarSync. “At SugarSync, we
continue to lead a attention in enabling people to do some-more from
their mobile inclination around a Cloud. As a approach people use their
mobile inclination evolves, a mobile innovations are assisting people
stay forward of a bend by revolutionizing a approach they entrance and
interact with their information on a iPad.”

The Mobile Cloud, Simplified
From a impulse we record in to the
SugarSync app on your iPad, you’ll notice a simplified interface.
We’ve changed all of your devices, common folders, photos, and some-more to
a permanent toolbar along a left side of a shade for easier
navigation. We also put one of a many renouned and useful features
— mobile print and video backup — right on a home shade for
instant access.

Simple Drag and Swipe Navigation
Navigating a new SugarSync for
iPad app is elementary and intuitive. To entrance your files, simply click
on a device and a row with your synced folders and files from that
device will slip in for easy viewing. As we click into folders,
additional panels will slip in and smoke-stack on tip of prior panels
as we navigate deeper within any record path. You can drag, swipe,
half-swipe, and use other informed gestures to see some-more or reduction of
your data. And no matter where we are in a record path, a toolbar on
the left stays present, so that we can fast entrance other devices
and critical information but carrying to click a “Back” button

See More, Do More – All during Once
Instead of saying a calm of one
folder holding adult a whole shade on your iPad (and saying lots of
wasted white space), we can now see a essence of many folders at
once and open files in any of them instantly. This is especially
useful when we wish to crop photos fast but carrying to
scroll by each print sequentially. Applying a same principle
to documents, songs, etc. means we can do a lot some-more a lot faster,
and in a approach that we consider is only some-more fun.

SugarSync has prolonged been a many mobile Cloud solution, with the
widest support of mobile inclination in a industry. SugarSync has
dedicated apps for scarcely each mobile platform, including iOS
(iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows
Mobile (with Windows Phone 7 entrance soon).

About SugarSync
SugarSync is a giveaway use that helps we sync your
life. With a elementary download on your computers and mobile devices,
you have entrance to all a Cloud has to offer. Need entrance to all
your files from any mechanism or mobile device? Check. Need to sync
your things opposite all your devices? Definitely. Need to share large
files or folders with your friends? Yep, we do that too. We’re truly
a one-stop emporium for a best of a Cloud.

Launched in 2008 and formed in San Mateo, CA, SugarSync now has
millions of users worldwide. Brands such as Samsung, Lenovo, Fujitsu,
SanDisk, France Telecom-Orange, Korea Telecom, SoftBank Mobile, Best
Buy and some-more have comparison SugarSync as a partner to move Cloud
services to their customers. For some-more information, greatfully visit , follow us on Twitter @sugarsync
( ) or on Facebook: .

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