What to design from a iPad 3

(CNN) — When Apple binds a press eventuality Wednesday, everybody who’s profitable courtesy expects to see a much-anticipated iPad 3.

The latest chronicle of a device that probably tangible a inscription marketplace after a introduction in 2010, a iPad 3 will arrive during a time when competitors are commencement to put adult a bit of a fight.

Amazon done a dash with a simpler, cheaper Kindle Fire over a holidays, and opposition bookseller Barnes Noble has countered with a renouned Nook Tablet. The Acer Iconia A500 offers some-more memory than a iPad 2, while other companies have begun flooding a marketplace with inclination that are smaller and cheaper than Apple’s standard-bearer.

And, only this week, Microsoft rolled out a Windows 8 handling system for tablets, suggesting that Windows-based tablets could be creation a critical run.

So, what will Apple do to try to contend a dominance? As usual, Apple has remained tight-lipped about what it’s announcing. The association hasn’t even strictly pronounced a eventuality is for a iPad.

But it’s been roughly a year given a iPad 2’s release, creation a timing right for a refresh. And with a tech-centric South by Southwest Interactive Festival starting subsequent weekend, it would make sense. Last year, Apple announced during a final notation it would be offered a iPad 2 during a Austin, Texas, eventuality — ensuring hum among a tech influencers there.

Few people outward Apple know for certain what CEO Tim Cook will betray subsequent week. But presumption it’s a new iPad, conjecture and leaks have focused on a few possibilities:

Clearer display

This picture was on a invitation Apple sent out for a Wednesday launch event. It looks like an iPad, right?

One tidbit that’s cropped adult over and over is that Apple manufacturers have cranked out a arrangement shade that would be a outrageous jump from a stream model.

The story, mostly imagining from China where Apple products are made, is that a iPad 3 will have a 2048-by-1536-pixel retina display. That would be a vital jump from a iPad 2’s 1024 by 768 pixels and opposition a arrangement on high-definition television.

There have even been reports, formed on tools listings supposing to suppliers, that a new tool could be called a iPad HD. (For a record, suppliers aren’t told Apple’s selling plans, so take that with a pellet of salt.)

Many tech observers who looked during Apple’s digital media invitation to a eventuality consider a crisp, transparent prejudiced picture of what looks like an iPad is arrangement off a new display.

2011: Apple launches iPad 2

The impact could meant some-more clear gaming and film examination as good as easier reading — a explain that Amazon has been means to make so distant with a E-ink Kindles.

However, some observers trust a higher-resolution shade could poise a problem for app developers who haven’t prepared for it. Some apps that don’t boost a pixel count of their graphics could demeanour blurrier than they do on a iPad 2.


When a iPhone 4S rolled out this year, Siri was maybe a categorical underline that impassive a techie pain of not removing a radically updated iPhone 5. (What’s in a name, indeed?)

Some folks focused on the voice-activated “personal assistant’s” limitations, though a ability to speak to a tiny, handheld mechanism and have it speak back, most reduction perform useful tasks, prisoner a imaginations of many new owners.

Perhaps in an bid to lend a 4S some pizazz, Apple didn’t capacitate a app on a comparison phones. But it’s tough to suppose because a talkative supporter wouldn’t be enclosed on a top-of-the-line iPad.

A cheaper iPad

Some observers contend Apple competence try to plea less-expensive tablets on a market. At $199, a Kindle Fire is $300 cheaper than a least-expensive iPad.

The Christian Science Monitor quotes an unnamed source observant that Apple is operative on a simpler, 8-gigabyte chronicle of a iPad. Currently, a lowest-end iPad has 16 gigabytes of storage, using adult to 64 gigabytes on a high end.

The presentation of cloud-based storage has, in some ways, mitigated a significance of storage space on inclination such as tablets. And 8 gigabytes would put a cheaper iPad on standard with a Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet. Even if a charity were a simplified iPad 2, aggressive a foe on dual fronts could assistance Apple branch a flourishing waves of competition.

Remember also, when Apple introduced a iPad 2 a year ago, it forsaken a cost of a strange iPad by $100.

Better camera

The initial iPad had no camera, that helped a iPad 2 make a dash when Apple rolled it out with front and back-facing cameras and a ability to run FaceTime, a video-chat app.

Reports out of China advise a iPad 3 could have a same, 8-megapixel camera from Sony that a iPhone 4S does. That camera has warranted raves from users, who call it a vital ascent from a camera on a iPhone 4.

The iPad 2 delivers still photos during about 720 pixels. Of course, we’ve never utterly accepted who’d be holding still photos with a scarcely 10-inch tablet, and a stream camera is excellent for sharpened video. But maybe somebody will be impressed.

It’s not only an iPad

OK, we acknowledge this possibility would be a biggest warn in new tech-world memory. But given Apple hasn’t strictly said, we’ll chuck this one out there.

Let’s say, discordant to all a evidence, Apple decides to snake and announce something else. What competence it be?

The heading guess? An Apple TV set — a subsequent fabulous product for that Apple watchers have been waiting.

(Some observers have review a tab line on Apple’s press entice — “We have something we unequivocally have to see. And touch.” — to advise a association will betray not one though dual gadgets.)

Analysts who investigate Apple’s supply line contend they’ve already seen prototypes of a entirely integrated Apple TV.

And, final month, Best Buy sent some business a curiously minute suppositious consult question, seeking if they’d be meddlesome in a flat-panel, high-definition TV using Apple’s iOS complement with entrance to Apple’s iCloud service. The suppositious cost tag? $1,499.

Again, we don’t design this development. But should a new iPad not happen, we consider an Apple TV is a subsequent best bet.

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