Will Apple Release The iPad 3 And Apple TV Reboot Next Week?

Will Apple recover a third iPad installment subsequent week? What about a new Apple TV?


Apple (AAPL)  is hosting a product eventuality subsequent Wednesday. Many analysts envision a iPad 3 will be released, presumably alongside a Apple TV box-top reboot.

The Mar 7th eventuality is being billed with a slogan: “We have something we unequivocally have to see. And touch.”

Normally if someone says this to you, spin around and run a other way.

But given this is Apple, it’s expected only formula for a new iPad screens everybody has been articulate about.

The retina display everybody is articulate about promises to double a iPad 3 shade resolution.

Or it could be a new Apple TV, that is due for a reboot.

I consider it creates some-more clarity for Apple to recover a iPad by itself, and follow-up a integrate weeks after with a Apple TV – unless there’s something truly innovative about how a dual can be used together.

With Apple operative on a streaming use to contest with Netflix, it roughly creates some-more clarity to reason off on a Apple TV recover entirely, unless they devise on debuting a use alongside their much-hyped radio sets.

What else should we pattern from a subsequent iPad?

Of march this is all gossip and conjecture during this point. (And we still consider that’s a somewhat creepy aphorism to use for a tool recover event.)


CNET reports that a eventuality will take place during San Francisco‘s Yerba Buena Center for a Arts:

“In standard fashion, Apple has lonesome adult a front of a building with a logo, once again selecting a kaleidoscopic paint splatter pattern identical to a one it used when initial introducing the tablet in 2010. Last year a association went with a decidedly more minimal look.”

Here’s a picture they provide:

Update 2:

Adam Mills thinks we’ll see a proclamation subsequent week, though a tangible recover date on Mar 16th:

While we’re sincerely certain that Apple is going to be announcing a next-generation tablet – presumably called possibly the iPad 3 or the iPad HD, on Mar 7th, we’re still uncertain about when a tangible iPad 3 recover date competence be. We’ve listened some rumblings about a probable recover during a week of Mar 11th and some new justification has emerged that indicates that a launch competence take place on Mar 16th.

The justification is not a leaked image or screenshot, instead, that recover date comes from a rumored opening of a new Apple Store in Houston, Texas.

What do we think? Should Apple recover a iPad 3 alongside a Apple TV reboot? Does it make some-more clarity to recover them during a same time or substitute recover dates?

Will we see a recover subsequent week or only a announcement?

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